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Brigid’s Path Celebrates 5 Years

190 babies, and their families, impacted by addiction have received grace, love, and hope.

KETTERING, OH (November 18, 2022) – Brigid’s Path, Ohio’s first newborn recovery center, is celebrating 5 years of providing 24/7 medical care for babies born substance exposed. Today is the anniversary of our first nurses’ orientation to prepare for the arrival of our first baby on December 29, 2017.

In the past 5 years, we’ve served 190 babies. We provide a mix of medical and non-pharmacologic care to ease our babies’ adjustment to the world. Our nursing staff provide more one on one care in a lowstimulation, homelike setting that allows for frequent small feedings and constant cuddling.

Babies are able to stay for up to 90 days which provides time for our Family Advocates to connect moms and families with resources to meet their individualized needs.

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We currently have 5 babies in our nurseries, 3 of whom can appear in a video.

About Brigid’s Path

Brigid’s Path was founded in 2014 to care for babies and mothers in crisis with grace, love, and hope. Our primary work is to care for infants born exposed to an addictive substance such as prescription medication, opioids, or other drugs, while also working with community partners to provide low-cost, holistic services to our families. We embrace and empower each baby’s family to thrive.