Success Stories

Every day, we see lives transformed with grace, support and hope. It’s hard to quantify all the ways we have seen lives changed, but below are a few of our family success stories. For more information on our outcomes, visit our annual report.

Know someone who might need Brigid’s Path? Anyone can make a referral in a few simple steps. 

When a woman reaches out for help, Brigid’s Path is here.

Addie struggled with substance abuse and was in immediate danger of losing custody of her newborn son Henry. She saw a story about Brigid’s Path on the news and immediately called the nonprofit, asking for help to keep her son from being placed in foster care. She had a relative who wanted to help care for Henry but needed some time to get everything into place.  

On the same day Addie called Brigid’s Path, our family advocacy team was able to participate in her Family Planning Conference meeting, asking for Henry to be admitted to Brigid’s Path for medical care. This provided his parents with additional time to carefully choose the next steps for their family.  

A relative received temporary custody and allowed Henry to stay at Brigid’s Path. Addie was able to room in with her baby, bonding with him while she acted as his primary caregiver. Our team also connected the new mom with the resources and support she needed.  

At the same time the family was getting to know little Henry, his father, Rob, lost an older son in a tragic car accident. Because Henry was receiving care at Brigid’s Path, the family had support as they dealt with an additional trauma. They could mourn a son, knowing Henry was still receiving round-the-clock nursing care and attention.  

After completing his 90-day stay at Brigid’s Path, Henry went home with a loving relative who allowed Addie and Rob to visit with their baby while Addie participated in Family Treatment Court.  

Today, Henry is happy, growing and living with both Addie and Rob. Addie continues to do well in her recovery and keeps in touch with the team at Brigid’s Path.  

We believe there is life-changing power in advocating for others.

Lori had battled addiction for many years, and she knew her newborn daughter Maria would be placed immediately into foster care. Then, Lori found Brigid’s Path. 

Our family advocacy team connected Lori to a local treatment center where she stayed as an inpatient for thirty days, and little Maria came to Brigid’s Path for medical and nonpharmacologic care while her mom received the help she needed. Her dad was very involved from the beginning, working to care for Maria and supporting mom in her recovery.  

Lori’s treatment provider transported her to Brigid’s Path twice a week for her to visit with Maria, and after completing her inpatient treatment, Lori was able to room-in with Maria, caring for and bonding with her baby. During that time, our team linked Lori to outpatient treatment to continue management of her recovery. We watched both parents and baby thrive during their stay with us.  

After 90 days of non-judgmental support and care from our medical team, baby Maria was able to go home with her mom and dad.  The family continues to do well.  

Names in these stories have been changed to protect the privacy of our families.