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Brigid’s Path Announces New Licensing

KETTERING, OH (March 15, 2022) – Brigid’s Path, Ohio’s first newborn recovery center, today announced the passage of House Bill 265, legislation that creates the Residential Infant Care Center (RICC) licensing type in the State of Ohio.

Brigid’s Path is a newborn recovery center that allows babies born substance-exposed to withdraw in a home-like setting with high quality inpatient level medical care. Since our doors opened in late December 2017, we have cared for over 150 babies and their families. Since opening, Brigid’s Path has been licensed as a Children’s Crisis Care Facility under the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. “This licensing worked in many ways, but being a RICC will allow Brigid’s Path to serve our babies and families best, and most efficiently,” said Jill Kingston, founder of Brigid’s Path. She added, “The RICC licensing type will allow Brigid’s Path to continue care for some of our neediest babies in a safe, supportive, and calm environment. It will also provide a path for other facilities like Brigid’s Path to open in Ohio.”

Brigid’s Path would like to thank Representatives Gayle Manning, Tom Patton, Andrea White, Willis Blackshear, Tom Young, Phil Plummer, Rodney Creech, Senators Nickie Antonio, Matt Dolan, Niraj Antoni, Steve Huffman, Matt Huffman, other members of the General Assembly, and other stakeholders for the past two years to create a better way to license facilities like Brigid’s Path to allow them to best serve their communities.

“Brigid’s Path is always working to meet the needs of our babies, their families, and our community. The Covid pandemic has been difficult on everyone, so we continue to strive to serve,” said Kingston. “We want to make a difference in the lives of our babies, their families, and in the community. Although we have seen barriers and needs increase over the last two years, we believe this licensing type brings us one step closer to best serving families impacted by addiction/substance use disorder.” The organization uses a holistic approach to meeting the needs of babies and families, Brigid’s Path helps save money to the multiple systems that babies and their families would normally receive services.

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