Our primary work is to care for infants born exposed to an addictive substance like prescription medication, opioids or other drugs. We employ the latest therapeutic techniques – both medicinal and nonpharmacological – to help our babies be as comfortable as possible while they experience withdrawal.

What does that look like in practice?

  • Our skilled medical staff and volunteers shower our babies with love and attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We respond immediately to a baby’s every need, providing comfort and support at a crucial time of their development.
  • Small and frequent feedings, low stimulation environments, and constant touch or rocking are all ways our team cares for babies.

As the babies get older, we continue to provide developmentally appropriate care like tummy time, playtime and reading books together.

We encourage mothers to room with, care for, and bond with their babies as much as possible. Moms, dads and family members are involved in diaper changes, bottle feeding, bathing and other direct care.

We work with each family to create an individual care plan, helping our families work toward their goals for a healthy, fulfilling life.

Want to learn more about how we care for babies? Contact our team.