Our Team

Rebekah Baumer, RN, Nursing Manager

Rebekah Baumer, RN comes to nursing as a second career and is already planning to pursue her Master’s. She considers caring for babies a dream job, yet her previous role in a local NICU never allowed enough time to focus on NAS patients. When she learned Brigid’s Path offers babies round-the-clock, personalized care, she understood the difference it would make and wanted to be part of this transformative team.

As Nursing Manager, Rebekah not only oversees the health and well-being of patients, but also champions our goal of family-centered care. Guiding her team to address every caregiver’s questions and concerns, she ensures that each family member who enters Brigid’s Path knows he or she is valued.

Shelby Borchers, Family Advocacy Supervisor

Shelby Borchers, Family Advocacy Supervisor, is a team player who motivates everyone around her. Whether it’s by teaching fitness classes at the YMCA, or helping moms at Brigid’s Path work through barriers encountered in daily life, she encourages people to live healthier lives. Shelby says of the team, “We are family champions, and I truly believe we strengthen our families by showing them the compassion and respect they deserve.”

Advocating for women and children throughout her entire social services career, Shelby believes in giving women who are struggling a second chance to be great moms to their babies. Shelby, blessed with two kind, beautiful, and smart children of her own, sees the mission at Brigid’s Path spreading a mother’s love to the rest of the community.

Shannon Clarke, Volunteer Coordinator

After graduating from the University of Dayton with a degree in sociology and social work, Shannon Clarke joined our team as a volunteer coordinator. Shannon oversees keeping our volunteers up-to-date on their training, managing scheduling and much more. Shannon’s job connects her to volunteers who embody the same love and hope that fuels Brigid’s Path.

Shannon believes it is everyone’s responsibility to treat one another with kindness and respect. She is “happy to be here contributing to the mission and seeing strong families come in and out of Brigid’s Path.”

Linda Domi, Staff Volunteer

When our doors opened in 2017, Linda Domi was inspired by the mission and passion of the dedicated staff, volunteers and community support at Brigid’s Path. Since then, she has been one of our Staff Volunteers who you will see at the front desk or mentoring new Volunteer Cuddlers in the afternoon.

Linda believes that compassion, non-judgmental support and advocacy are integral to the healing of our moms and babies. “Witnessing our moms grow in confidence, self-worth, trust and hope as they bond and care for their babies is moving.” Linda says, “Seeing them work toward a healthier and better life is so reaffirming.” Driven by our strong families and community, Linda offers her passion, dedication and hope in everything she does for Brigid’s Path.

Nancy Frank, Staff Volunteer

Nancy Frank is a Staff Volunteer who, along with Sr. Jean Hoying, organizes our Donation Room and helps us with many other tasks. Married with two children and two grandchildren, she is a retired letter carrier who has also volunteered her time with the Red Cross, Maria Joseph Nursing Home and Food for the Journey.

Nancy was drawn to Brigid’s Path by the co-founders who had a vision for NAS babies and their families. She jumped on board the moment she heard Brigid’s Path mission and figured with such big ideas they needed a little extra help, but most importantly support and encouragement! “Since that first meeting, it is gratifying to see the reality of a dream come true,” says Nancy.

Lea Gauthier, Operations Director

Lea Gauthier is the Operations Director of Brigid’s Path, using her unique combination of technical knowledge, faith and compassion to help families facing the challenges of addiction. Lea helped operationalize Brigid’s Path in 2016, making sure essential legal regulations, contracts, policies, and procedures were in place. Her experience in innovative information technologies and passion for serving others allowed the organization to welcome its first infant in December 2017.

Fueled by finding new ways to solve a challenge, Lea is well-versed in making all the pieces of a nonprofit work together, ranging from volunteer coordination to business operations – and everything in-between.

When she’s not cuddling babies or helping others, she enjoys spending time with her husband of nine years or finding a few moments of quiet for reading and prayer.

Sr. Jean Rene Hoying, Staff Volunteer

Sr. Jean Rene Hoying is a Sister of the Precious Blood. She has been an elementary school teacher for 30 years and a physical therapist for 20 years, though she is now “retired” and spends many hours with us as a Staff Volunteer. She works with Nancy Frank. Sr. Jean and has been with us since the very beginning. She handles the organization in our Donation Room and helps us with many other tasks. Outside of Brigid’s Path, Sr. Jean is involved with Food for the Journey and the refugees in the Dayton area.

Along with the support of dedicated staff and a strong and generous volunteer base, Sr. Jean feels like she can participate in “all-around care” for those seeking healing and support. At Brigid’s Path, Sr. Jean believes that our babies and families are nourished and sustained daily in their quest for a brighter and successful future.

Dr. Stephen Hunter, MD, Medical Director

Dr. Stephen Hunter, MD, was asked to become Medical Director at Brigid’s Path before the doors ever opened. He felt pulled to join because of the mission to create a welcoming environment for all families. Stephen helped develop strong working partnerships and policies that made our unique treatment center prepared to accept babies on day one.

A father of five, Stephen enjoys spending his free time running and taking vacations with his family. He believes the non-judgmental care Brigid’s Path offers to infants and mothers is a source of hope for families battling substance use disorder.

Dr. Lisa Jasin, DNP, NNP-BC, Clinical Director

Lisa Jasin DNP, RNC-NIC, NNP-BC is a neonatal nurse practitioner who spent her early career as a Registered Nurse focusing on maternal child health and NICU patients at US Air Force, Army and Navy hospitals around the world. In 1999, Lisa became a civilian and continued her work at Dayton Children’s Hospital. There she cares for critically ill babies as well as babies suffering from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, while also providing education about NAS care to community hospital nurses. Lisa continues to work to decrease the length of stay and length of treatment for infants with NAS, even participating in published medical studies to share results with other medical experts.

Lisa began working with Jill Kingston in 2014 when Brigid’s Path was only a dream. As a founding board member, her expertise and passion forged the clinical vision and policies needed to make the center a reality, freeing Jill to focus on the business side of the organization. Brigid’s Path wouldn’t exist without Lisa.

She is still leading the team today. After becoming a Doctor of Nursing Practice, Lisa began daily management of the medical team as Clinical Director.

Sabrina Jewett, Staff Volunteer

Sabrina Jewett is a retired kindergarten teacher of 30 years. She was drawn to the uniqueness of the nurturing environment and found herself at Brigid’s Path just after she retired from teaching. A friend who was a midwife nurse told Sabrina about our work, and Sabrina decided to sign up as a volunteer. She works diligently as a Staff Volunteer to help organize our community contributions.

As an advocate for social justice, Sabrina believes that all human beings have the right to be treated with respect, dignity and compassion. She says, “Regardless of the circumstances that they find themselves in, everyone deserves to be treated as a human.”

Jill Kingston, Executive Director

Jill Kingston is a wife, mother of five and leader grounded in faith. After fostering several infants born exposed to addictive substances, Jill believed there had to be a better way of caring for children and families in the crisis of addiction. That belief sparked the creation of Brigid’s Path, the first newborn recovery center in Ohio.

Since welcoming its first baby in 2017, Brigid’s Path has helped more than 50 families by offering grace for the past, support for the present, and hope for the future.

Jill is a former teacher and business owner who is dedicated to her family and the pursuit of making a difference.

Melanie Krissek, Controller

As a new mother, Melanie Krissek spent many nights soothing her newborn, and was first drawn to the organization as a volunteer. As she learned more about the boldness of Brigid’s Path mission to offer care to substance-exposed babies and their mothers, she heard God calling her to do more.

Melanie focuses on being a good steward of the resources gifted to Brigid’s Path as the team’s Controller. Despite this serious role on the team, she keeps life light-hearted at home. Taco Tuesdays and extensive global travel feed her soul so she can return to support others.

Meghann Naveau, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Inspired by the boldness of the team at Brigid’s Path, Meghann Naveau shares her marketing and small business acumen as  Marketing and Communications Coordinator. Meghann works with a team of talented volunteers to tell the Brigid’s Path story through our newsletter, media outreach, social media, development support and more.

Meghann learned of an opportunity to work with Brigid’s Path through a local network of friends in early 2019, and she was excited to share her skills learned in a decade of marketing and communication work across multiple industries. Her favorite part of working with Brigid’s Path is that it’s easy to distill the meaning of her work: we help people here.

Meghann believes God has been preparing her for this work for a long time, making her ready to serve when the time was right.

Jane Snyder, Development Director

On paper Jane Snyder might be our Development Director, but in reality she is also Brigid Path’s Chief Officer of Happiness. After losing a sister to the disease of addiction, she knows that hope is the most important gift we can offer each other.

Jane joined Brigid’s Path before the building was even renovated, sharing the call to give back to families like hers.

Providing personalized care to help families achieve healthy outcomes requires a great deal of coordination with community partners to fund our work. Jane uses her creative flair to produce fun and engaging events in celebration of our mission while also building relationships with our supporters. Her passion has brought Brigid’s Path to life within the community since day one.

When she isn’t decorating for Christmas or throwing a great costume contest, Jane is sharing her love of fun and the hope that Brigid’s Path brings to all she meets. Her faith and sense of family at Brigid’s Path grow in this hope every day.

Terri Stucky, Staff Volunteer

Stay-at-home mom Terri Stucky left her job to become part of the Brigid’s Path family. She is our dedicated Staff Volunteer who saw Brigid’s Path on the news and said, “I want to be a part of that.”

Terri believes addiction touches everyone in some way, shape or form, and in the many hours she logs with us each week, you’ll find her at our front desk, cuddling babies, or helping to plan our signature events.

As a mother of four, Terri understands moms at Brigid’s Path need a safe space to be with their babies; she believes she learns from our moms as much as they learn from her. At home, Terri loves to cook and bake for her family, entertain guests and watch the wildlife in her backyard.

Jeff Wabler, Facilities and Securities Manager

Veteran, former law enforcement officer, proud American and lover of dogs, Jeff Wabler is our Facilities and Securities Manager. He ensures that our building is in tip-top shape to best serve our families. Jeff also is the head of security, responsible for all security officers of the property.

With each person that he encounters at Brigid’s Path, Jeff believes there is genuine care for each other. “That care is the cornerstone to building trust and relationships with families and the communities,” Jeff says.

At first, Jeff was assigned here through a partnership with Moonlight Security. After learning about Brigid’s Path and encountering all the staff, volunteers and families, this work has become more than an assignment. “It became a mindset and belief that I am very proud to be a part of,” Jeff says. “I consider it an honor to be involved with Brigid’s Path and everyone that is a part of our organization.”


Thank you to Cody Brown Creative for providing photos of our team!