Moms and Families

At Brigid’s Path, we welcome families from all over the state of Ohio and work with each mother to chart a path forward for her family.

Family-Centered Care

We believe in the strength of families and that families can – and do – contribute to the successful treatment of our patients.

At Brigid’s Path, our team is family-centered. We want mothers, fathers and babies to have a safe, home-like place to establish their bond and begin their life together. We encourage mothers to room with, care for, and bond with their babies as much as possible.

Our nursing team works closely with mothers, fathers and families to support them in caring for their babies, including coaching on techniques for feeding, principles of safe sleep, ways to calm a fussy baby, changing diapers and more.

To help maintain a caring and home-like environment, each family at Brigid’s Path is expected to adhere to guidelines for conduct.  This includes following our visitor policy, curfew and additional guidelines that help all of our families stay focused on healing and caring for their babies. 

Strengths-Based Family Advocacy

Brigid’s Path is a safe place for our families and free of judgment. Every woman can be a great mother, and we want to help each mom who passes through our doors to feel safe, hopeful and prepared for the future.

Our Family Advocacy team works with each mother to establish meaningful goals based on her strengths. They coach her and help her to find the resources she needs to care for herself and her baby.

Some mothers with babies in our program are using prescribed medications and realize the support they find here at Brigid’s Path – both for themselves and their children – is essential to their success in this early stage of the baby’s life.

Occasionally, our most successful relationships have been formed with mothers before their babies are even born. We work with women wherever they are in the motherhood journey, whether that is before the baby arrives or immediately after birth.

We do not provide in-patient treatment for mothers facing issues of addiction, but we work with community partners to provide resources for our moms to achieve the stability that will help them care for their children for both the near- and long-term.

Our Family Advocacy services include:

  • Ongoing support, even after a family is discharged from Brigid’s Path
  • Identification support (obtaining birth certificates, ID cards, etc.)
  • Working with Children’s Services
  • Attending court and probation hearings
  • Coordinating care among providers

We work with all counties and Children’s Services organizations across Ohio. Some of our local community partners include:

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