How We Started

After fostering several infants born exposed to addictive substances, Dayton mom and business owner Jill Kingston believed there had to be a better way of caring for children and families in the crisis of addiction. That belief led her to found Brigid’s Path, the first newborn recovery center in Ohio.

Since welcoming our first baby in 2017, Brigid’s Path has helped more than 100 families by offering grace for the past, support for the present, and hope for the future.

Brigid’s Path is not affiliated with any singular religion or denomination, but our name comes from two faith elements: St. Brigid, the patron saint of newborns, and Psalm 25 (“Show me your ways, Lord, and teach me your paths”).

We seek God’s will in every aspect of our work and have seen God move in big and small ways for our organization and its families.

Most importantly, we believe all people are worthy of respect without condition. Every person has value and deserves love, grace and forgiveness.

Our Values

We are bold.

We are creating a new way to care for substance-exposed babies and their mothers.  

We are family champions.

We believe in the strength of families and that families can – and do – contribute to the successful treatment of our patients.

We strive for a spirit of humility.

We are constantly learning and trying to grow; we do not have all the answers.

We are grounded in faith.

We aren’t affiliated with a particular religion, but Brigid’s Path operates in the spirit of Jesus Christ: loving our neighbors, meeting people where they are, and serving those often viewed as “the least” by society.

We are good stewards.

We are fiscally responsible and take prayerful, calculated risks when necessary.