Get Involved

There are many different ways that you can support Brigid’s Path. Whether it is hosting a fundraiser, completing a done-in-a-day service project, or through ongoing service, you can help. Check out the ideas below!

Ways to Fundraise

Hosting a fundraising event can be easy and fun. Just review our Rules and Regulations and fill out a Fundraising Event form to get started. Here are some of our favorite fundraising ideas!


Supply or diaper drive. Check out our website and Amazon baby registry for our most needed items.

Host a bake sale. Bake some tasty treats to sell at school, work, or any extracurricular event.

Host an event. Trivia night, bingo, a talent show, a cookoff, 5k, or any other fun activity. Have prizes for the winners, sell raffle tickets, and create opportunities to raise funds for Brigid’s Path.

Baby shower for Brigid’s Path. Look at our Amazon baby registry and share our website wish list to your guests. Have fun baby shower activities for people to enjoy.

Donate your party to Brigid’s Path. Ask your party guests to bring donations instead of presents. This is an easy way to give back on your birthday, anniversary, or anything else you might be celebrating!

Fill the bottle. Want to get kids involved in giving back? Provide kids with a baby bottle and ask them to fill it with spare change. Make it a fun game to see how fast they can fill the bottle all the way.

Create your own fundraiser. Use your own unique talents and creativity to come up with your own fundraising activity!


“Done-in-a-Day” projects are a perfect way for a group to get together onsite or on their own to complete a quick service project. Before starting, fill out the Service Project Form.


Transform Brigid’s Path for the season. Pick a season or holiday and help us decorate. This can include decorating the inside and outside of our building for different holidays throughout the year, cleaning-up outside, planting, and any other “seasonal” work that needs completed.
Create “packs” for our babies and their families. Birthday bags, developmental kits, activity packs, selfcare bags, toiletry bags, welcome kits, holiday kits, or postpartum supply bags – will make great kits. We can provide lists of what these “packs” should include and how they should be assembled.

Help us with an improvement project. Shelving in our basement is needed or create an area in the back of our property with picnic tables and shade.

Help our families move. After our families leave Brigid’s Path, there is a lot of adjusting and change. Many times, they are moving into a new home. We are looking for small groups to make these living spaces feel like home. This may include setting up furniture, painting, cleaning, or decorating the home.
Ongoing Service

We are always in need of volunteers. If you are looking to help, here are ongoing service projects that might be right for you. Before starting, fill out the Service Project Form.


Cook for our families. Use your cooking talents to make a meal for our moms and their families. Review our Meal Donation Guidelines before signing up.

Cook a holiday meal for our staff and families. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc. Review our Meal Donation Guidelines before signing up.

Use your talents. Are you a photographer, cosmetologist, dentist, masseuse, etc.? Do you specialize in something? Brigid’s Path is looking for professionals to come in and do what they do best to enrich the experience of the families we serve.
Sponsor a family. During the holidays we want to make sure our families feel loved and supported. Family sponsors can buy age-appropriate gifts for our babies and gift cards for their parents. Helping support one of our families can make a big difference each holiday season.
Provide childcare. We want to support our families after they leave Brigid’s Path. This means providing continued support and education. We are looking for people willing to provide childcare at Brigid’s Path for parents while they attend classes and workshops. Childcare providers will have to complete volunteer training.
Make cards. Making cards for our moms and their families is an easy way to get everyone involved. As we work to support these families after they leave Brigid’s Path, we want them to know that they have a community of support.