Cradles of Love

Cradles of Love is our hall of fame for individuals who have left an impact on Brigid’s Path. We are thankful for their many contributions.

Michael Mayer was a founding board member for Brigid’s Path.  We are thankful for his passion and long commitment to making Brigid’s Path operational.  Michael provided his perspective to the Board as an attorney, helped write our numerous policies and procedures, lead the governance committee, guided us in our licensing applications, supported our mission by sharing the same with his colleagues and friends, and was a frequent participant in our events.  We are so thankful that Michael blessed us with his time, talent, and treasure.

Dr. Marc Belcastro has long had a passion for newborns, in addition to his calling in the medical profession. Dr. Marc reached out to Jill in the early months of brainstorming the mission for Brigid’s Path, and he offered to assist wherever needed. Dr. Belcastro assumed the role as our first Medical Director and was one of our founding Board members. He opened so many doors for us through his introductions to medical experts and his network of individuals with similar values.

When Jill told Marilyn Hart that she felt called to open Brigid’s Path, Marilyn told her it was a wonderful idea and she had some friends she wanted her to meet. Marilyn opened the doors to so many wonderful people and organizations in our community: too many for us to even count. One of the most amazing things Marilyn told Jill before she was called home was that she could do more from heaven than she could here on earth. Her faith was overwhelming. Many have said on earth, Marilyn was a force. Brigid’s Path continues to feel all the work she is doing in heaven.   

In 2014, Deanna Murphy went on a faith-filled journey with Jill to Lily’s Place in West Virginia; this is when a newborn recovery was simply an idea in Jill’s heart. Deanna spent countless hours brainstorming with Jill, acting as a sounding board, traveling around making introductions and informing others of the mission.  Deanna’s gift to share the mission had a huge impact on the beginning success of Brigid’s Path. Deanna was also involved in the design and construction of our facility.  We are thankful that Deanna was there in our beginning, encouraging Jill to chase the dream of Brigid’s Path.

Noreen Hall brought her expertise of governance to Brigid’s Path as our first Treasurer. She developed Brigid’s Path’s initial spreadsheets for accounting, our budgets and bank accounts. As a good steward, she oversaw the dollars and challenged many assumptions. As a Board member she served as the Treasurer, was an Executive Committee member, and served as the first Chairperson of the Finance Committee. Her gifts, dedication, and expertise were invaluable to operationalizing Brigid’s Path.

Cindy Henderson has long had a calling to help those in need. Serving as a nurse for many years, she shared that passion and skill while bringing a touch of healing to many. She brought her skills and passion to Brigid’s Path. She served on our Board and our Executive Committee before stepping down so that she could later assume the position of our Nursing Manager. With her expertise opening hospices across Ohio, Cindy helped create our nursing program. Before retiring, Cindy blessed us by hiring and training our nurses for our first year of operation. 

Kathy Kargl brought her passion for kids and her creativity in marketing to Brigid’s Path as one of the very first individuals to engage in our mission. She shared her talents with us in so many ways, but the one way that will carry on with us forever is the branding around Brigid’s Path. She created our logo and our original marketing materials, family handbook, business cards, badges and more. She also designed and installed our lobby’s Donors Wall. As a founding Board member, Kathy chaired our Development Committee: brainstorming, developing, and coordinating fundraising activities, including our initial building campaign, our brick pavers program, and 24 Days of Giving.  Kathy’s God-given gifts have left a mark on Brigid’s Path forever.